Sobitha Thero


I am Banthe Sobitha Thero, I am the counselor of Akuratatha. I became a Buddhist monk at the age of 12. I did my graduation in Rajakiya Pandit and my BA in Pali and Sanskrit. I got my master degree in Buddhist Philosophy. I worked as a teacher and a mentor in monastic schools in Sri Lanka for many
years. I currently live in Switzerland at the Buddha Bhavana Association in Bellinzona and Zürich. My Sri Lankan Resident temple is Sri Wardhanaramaya, in Kirimetimulla (Southern Province). Feeling very related to my people in Akuressa, which is my home town, I wanted to be part of the team of Akuratatha.

Sahan Wijesiri


My name is Sahan Wijesiri. I am the managing director of Akuratatha. 16 years ago, I did my BA degree at Ruhuna University, since then I have been working as a teacher in various schools. In 2004 the tsunami disaster happened and it was those days when I started my social work with a group of international NGOs and the local people. It was my job to organize workers and hard work materials, find counselors for psychological treatment, intervene when a translator was needed. The positive experience and the success I experienced in 2004, gave me the idea to devote my life to establish Akuratatha organization for our local people in and around my home town Akuressa. Currently I am working as teacher at Telijjawila Central Collage.  

Chandarathana Thero


I am Hon. B. Chandarathana Thero, the president of
Akuratatha organization. I am the chief monk of Sri Jayabodi Temple in Kiyanduwa, Akuressa. I took a degree in Rajakiya Pandith and did my BA degree
at Ruhuna University. For several years I used to be the vice principal of Bopagoda Primary School. It is a pleasure for me to be the president of the World Buddhist Sanga Youth Association of Southern Province. Being the head of the board of Akuratatha gives me the chance to contribute something to the welfare of our community of Akuressa.

R. K Chandrika


R. K Chandrika is my name and I feel happy to be the secretary of our welfare organization. Having the BA degree in Social Science there is a lot of chances to share my knowledge and experience about the problems and needs that people are faced with, in Akuressa’s community. As Akuressa is my home town, I feel it is my duty, to work with the Akuratatha team.

H. B. Dinusha Iroshani


I am H. B. Dinusha Iroshani, it is my work to be the
treasurer of Akuratatha. My job is teaching at Samarapala Primary School in Akuressa. I did my teacher’s training course at Open University in Matara. My passion is working with young children. It makes me happy and proud to guide and support them in their first years of the long school career. Belonging to the Akuratatha team it is a great opportunity to help the children in Akuressa more
effectively, besides my activities in school.